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PAL Masterclass

Attend pre-assigned weekly classes to gain mastery of topics

PAL Curriculum

A curated set of AR-enabled assessment worksheets 

PAL Diagnostic

Instantaneous feedback for parents to keep track of their child's learning

PAL Encyclopedia

Powerfully indexed knowledge bank

PAL Math Whiz

AI-powered Mathematics Adaptive assessment for Primary 1 - 6 

PAL Examination

Benchmark your child's performance

PAL Homework

On-demand school homework help 

Our Approach

At PAL, we have something for every single child, whether the child is academically-inclined, an average learner or academically-challenged. Our focus is on enhancing positive learning outcomes. We strive to make every child’s Learning Journey a Seamless one! With over 10 years of experience in education and edu-tech, we understand children well and can help your child achieve better results. Our full range of learning solutions/resources include
PAL Learning & PAL Solutions.

How it works?

Your child will take on the PALS Learning Style Test to determine his or her dominant learning profile.

Next, we tailor our effective PAL Curriculum that matches your child's dominant
learning style.

Engage, enrich & evaluate your child's learning ability to boost performance to the next level.

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